X Creator provides design engineering support for your development from concept to prototyping and manufacturing.

The main package of delivery is:

  • 3D CAD development and engineering of industrial concepts.

  • Sourcing of parts and fabrication suppliers

  • Testing and proof of concept.

  • 3D models ready for prototyping and production.

  • In-house 3D print prototyping and production in Nylon with Carbon fibres (PA-CF).

  • Supply of prototypes and production of plastic parts, sheet metal parts and assemblies.

Gazelle N°1 concept E-Bike Of the Future - Drivetrain

A complete pre-assembled Drivetrain

Solior, Solar water heater with integrated tank storage

Trefecta RDR, Linkedin video

Welding fixture for the Trefecta RDR Drivetrain

HomEvap, adiabatic humidifier / aircooler

Philips Coreline Waterproof

Plastic parts, stainless steel springs, packaging

Ecofys, Urban turbine

miniature stereolithography (SLA) showmodel

Gazelle, N°1 concept E-Bike Of the Future, Dutch king Willem Alexander riding the Gazelle Ebof. Aesthetical design by Giugiaro.

Standing Strong / Yalp, outdoor fitness devices