X Creator has experience in many markets. X Creator is usually focussed on production technology, 3D modelling and engineering.

A more extensive description of the practiced disciplines at X Creator are:

. Concept development: diverging and converging with a wide knowledge of the technical possibilities, price, endurance..

. Manufacturing techniques: 3D printing, sheetmetal and injection molding...

. Materials: selection of metals, plastics, rubbers, bondings..

. Integration of parts: mechanical parts, electronics, fasteners..

. Device housings: sheetmetal, plastic injection molding, hollow sheet, seals..

. User interface design: ergonomics, function & aesthetics..

. Electronics: integration of PCB's, connectors, cables..

A brief description per market:

. Mobility: drive train, power transmission calculation, bike gears, wheels, dropouts, cockpit brackets, frame, strength and stiffness..

. Renewable energy: wind & solar, integration of solar cells and solar panels, electronic power conversion to DC & AC..

. Locks: construction of locking mechansims, price optimization..

. Prototyping & testing: preliminary design, 3d prints, sheetmetal, fasteners, integration of supplier parts..

Dipo Induction - Platinum line: Hob, Fryer, Pasta cooker (s), Wok, Griddle

HomEvap, adiabatic humidifier / aircooler